Barbara Pozzo

Barbara Pozzo

Barbara Pozzo

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Other names of Barbara Pozzo

  • Pozzo, Barbara

People related with Barbara Pozzo

  • Bambi, Federigo (1963-)
  • Candian, Albina
  • Gambaro, Antonio
  • Giuffrè Editore
  • Jacometti, Valentina
  • Pastorelli, Giuseppe
  • Renna, Mauro
  • The Language Policies of EU Institutions after the Enlargement – Drafting, Translation and Interpretation of EU Legal Acts and their Impact on the Harmonisation of European Law (16-04-2005 : Como)
  • Timoteo, Marina
  • Università degli studi dell’Insubria Varese, Italie, Facoltà di giurisprudenza Côme, Italie

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