Lauro Martines

Lauro Martines

Lauro Martines, 1927-

Biographical Details

Other names of Lauro Martines

  • Martines, Lauro

People related with Lauro Martines

  • Armstrong, Lawrin D.
  • Armstrong, Lawrin David
  • Cannata, Nadia (1963-….)
  • Chiffoleau, Jacques (1951-….)
  • Chiffoleau, Jacques (1951-)
  • Dalla Fontana, Luisa Agnese (19..-….)
  • Hartz, Cornelius
  • Harvard University
  • International workshop on medieval societies (1990 : Erice, Italy)
  • Kirshner, Julius
  • Laurent, Antoine (19..-…. angliciste)
  • Laurent, Antoine (19..-….; angliciste)
  • O’Faolain, Julia
  • Paravicini Bagliani, Agostino (1943-….)
  • Paravicini Bagliani, Agostino (1943-)
  • Renaissance Society of America
  • Symposium On Violence And Civil Disorder In Italian Cities. [1969. Los Angeles.]
  • University of California Los Angeles Affiliation (see also from)

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