William Livingston

William Livingston

William Livingston, 1723-1790

Biographical Details

  • First name: William
  • Last name: Livingston
  • Birth date: 1723
  • Death date: 1790
  • Creations: Computer file, Language material, Text
  • Roles: Author, Contributor, Writer Of Accompanying Material
  • Other details: Editor
  • Permalink: https://biography.lawlegal.eu/william-livingston/ (Stable identifier)

Other names of William Livingston

  • Gentleman educated at Yale College
  • Gulielmus Livingston
  • Livingston, William
  • William Livingston (American politician)
  • William Livingston (amerykański przedsiębiorca, żołnierz i polityk)
  • William Livingston (politicien américain)
  • William Livingston (US-amerikanischer Politiker)
  • Вільям Лівінгстон
  • Ливингстон, Уильям
  • ویلیام لیوینگستون
  • ウィリアム・リビングストン
  • 威廉·利文斯顿

People related with William Livingston

  • Alexander, William (1726-1783)
  • American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
  • Capellen tot den Poll, Joan Derk van der (1741-1784)
  • Ebenezer Hazard Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
  • Gallois, Jean-Antoine (1761-1828)
  • Klein, Milton Martin (1917-…)
  • New Jersey Governor (1776-1790 : Livingston) (see also from)
  • New Jersey Historical Commission
  • Prince, Carl E.
  • Scott, John Morin (1730-1784)
  • Smith, William (1728-1793)
  • Trumbull, Jonathan (1710-1785)

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