Marc Bungenberg

Marc Bungenberg

Marc Bungenberg, 1968-

Biographical Details

  • First name: Marc
  • Last name: Bungenberg
  • Birth date: 1968
  • Creations: article, Computer file, Language material, Text
  • Roles: Author, Contributor, Editor, Redactor
  • Other details: Editor
  • Permalink: (Stable identifier)

Other names of Marc Bungenberg

  • Bungenberg, M.
  • Bungenberg, Marc
  • Bungenberg, Marc (jurist)

People related with Marc Bungenberg

  • Griebel, Jörn
  • Herrmann, Christoph (1973-)
  • Hindelang, Steffen
  • Jena, Univ
  • Meessen, Karl Matthias
  • Puttler, Adelheid
  • Reinisch, August
  • SpringerLink (Online service)
  • Terhechte, Jörg Philipp (1975-)
  • Tietje, Christian (1967-)
  • Forschungsstelle für das Recht der Europäischen Integration
  • Herrmann, Christoph
  • Hobe, Stephan
  • Huber, Peter M.
  • Streinz, Rudolf (1953-)
  • Tietje, Christian
  • Titi, Catharine
  • Universität Hannover Affiliation (see also from)
  • Universität Jena Affiliation (see also from)
  • Universität Siegen Affiliation (see also from)
  • Université de Lausanne Affiliation (see also from)

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