Peter Burbidge

Peter Burbidge

Peter Burbidge, 1942-

Biographical Details

Other names of Peter Burbidge

  • Burbridge, P.
  • Burbridge, Peter
  • Burbridge, Peter R.

People related with Peter Burbidge

  • Abrahamse, J. (1937-)
  • Abrahamse, Jan (1937-2013)
  • Dalhousie University. School for Resource and Environmental Studies
  • Ganapin, Delfin J.
  • GEF/UNDP/IMO Regional Programme on Building Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia
  • Hartshorn, Gary S.
  • Jashapara, Ashok
  • Koppe, Karin
  • Norgaard, Richard B. (1943-)
  • Symposium on Environmental Research and Coastal Zone Management in the Strait of Malacca (1985 : Medan, Indonesia)

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